Absinthe and the traditional preparation is making its way back into the nightlife. Sometimes, clubs cannot afford the preparation time and costs of all the beautiful Absinthe paraphernalia dedicated to the Absinthe Ritual. Plus, replacing damaged Items such as Absinthe fountains, glass drippers, etc. could be costly, thus discouraging venues to carry these products and resulting in pushing Absinthe cocktails instead. 

Luckily, inventors Dimitri Uhlik and his brother Mike developed a modern and practical way to prepare Absinthe. They have revolutionized, the traditional Absinthe pour, letting you truly appreciate the magic in a glass. This Device, Slipstream Phoenix glass, is made of durable Borosilicate Glass. It is both shock and thermal resistant, industrial dishwasher safe for commercial use at bars and restaurants. Easy to serve and easy to clean. It adds class and elegance to any bar, restaurant, lounge or events. It is intriguing to the eye, and inviting to those whom have never tasted Absinthe.

30 ml of Absinthe is poured into the slipstream glass, a sugar cube is then place over the the narrow neck of the glass, followed by ice, (ice is optional) then finally the chilled water is poured into the glass. Absinthe begins to slowly consume the sugar as if they were underwater white flames…Finally, these flame-like swirls morph into white cloud trails rising up to the top of the glass creating a beautiful cloud layer until the water is completely opaque. Once complete, gently blow into the detachable straw, sip and enjoy. It's truly is an innovative way to serve Absinthe in modern days and an unique experience for first time and regular users.