Absinthe is a distilled anise flavored spirit of 90-148 U.S proof, made up of three main ingredients: grand wormwood, green anise and fennel. Other herbs such as hyssop, coriander, angelica, pontica, etc. are often used for added flavors and natural coloring.

Traditionally there 2 types of Absinthe: natural green and clear. It is enjoyed by pouring 30ml of Absinthe into a glass with sugar cube (optional) placed on a flat perforated Absinthe spoon on top of the glass. Using a pitcher of ice water, slowly drip cold water over sugar cube until it dissolves. As water is slowly poured in mixing with Absinthe, it releases the oils from the herbs, clouding the drink into milky color. This process is refered as the "louche" in French, while some refer to the swirling of the oils as “Dancing Fairy in a glass.”  

The slow pour releases the fragrant aroma and the taste is often compared to silky, smoothness consistency of milk.  Anise is in the forefront, while sweet fennel, wormwood and layers of other herbs come alive in the palate. It is a taste like no other drink. It is meant to be sipped and never to be drank straight up as a shot. 

First, her elixir is poured into the absinthe glass, 

where she’s fully cloaked. 
As water is slowly dripped over her,

she begins to unrope 
and slowly opening her wings to display her presence. 
As she dances, her movements arouse

and her scent begins to seduce. 
After water was finally poured, she is fully revealed. 
All she desires is you,

to taste and to experience her true nature. 
One sip and you know
the long awaited seduction was worthwhile. 
The glass is her boudoir, and you are at her mercy. 
After savoring the first glass, her taste lingers on

and leaves you wanting more and more.
It’s only a matter of time when the fairy takes you
on a journey through an enchanted meadow, 
where she awakens and fulfills all your five senses.

[ The Real Green Fairy Absinthe Tasting ] 

An interactive tasting with brief history presentation, discussions and preparations in classic, traditional and modern methods.
Join us after work in business casual attire. Meet like-minded absinthe lovers or curious-minds to rediscover this once fobidden drink.

There will be 3 different brand tastings at 7, 7:45 & 8:30pm. Cheese & crackers wiil be served. Plus a free raffle giveaway.

Seating limited to 30 people. Advance tickets online: